Welcome to RIFCB (BC Francophone Immigration Network)

Francophone Immigration Networks are IRCC-funded multi-stakeholder immigration partnerships. These networks convene Francophone settlement service providers and a wide range of community partners in order to foster the capacity of Canada’s Francophone minority communities to welcome, settle and fully integrate French-speaking newcomers into Canadian society.

 The BC Francophone Immigration Network (RIFCB) is 35-member strong and convenes 13 different sectors, from pre-arrival to in-country settlement services, to education in French, early childhood, access to healthcare, employment services, arts and culture, and much more.

What we do

Main missions:
  • Ensure cooperation and promote partnerships with community, private, parapublic and government stakeholders 
  • Identify needs, gaps and assets of the community and newcomers regarding the immigration process, and develop an Action Plan accordingly, guiding the national Francophone Immigration priorities.  
  • Raise awareness, mobilize and support communities and partners in the implementation of the Action Plan on Francophone Immigration
We convene a wide range of community stakeholders, building partnerships and coordinating yearly activities, such as National Francophone Immigration Week.
We also:
  • Raise awareness about BC’s Francophone community and the services they offer: “by and for Francophones”
  • Work with our member organizations, to consolidate a Francophone integration pathway: from pre-arrival to citizenship.
  • Welcoming Francophone Community initiative in Prince George

Interested in collaborating?

RIFCB collaborates with a number of partners and settlement sector stakeholders in areas such as:

  • Access to Francophone settlement and community services
  • Client referrals
  • Supporting joint community initiatives and outreach to the Francophone community