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BC Francophone Immigration Network’s team

BC Francophone Immigration Network’s team is proud to deliver high-quality services. All members have been through the immigration process and fully understand your needs. Any questions about Francophone newcomers’ path to integration, or do you need more guidance? Contact us for more information!

Emmanuelle Archer

Program Manager

  • RIFCB coordination
  • Planification
  • Partnerships
Equipe RIFCB

Orly Mulanga

Project Coordinator – Welcoming Francophone Community

  • Provincial coordination of the Welcoming Francophone Community initiative in Prince George
Coralie Tanneau

Coralie Tanneau

Operations Coordinator

  • Activities and projects coordination
  • Communication
Equipe RIFCB


External Relations Manager
  • Partnership development with the non-French speaking sector
Equipe RIFCB

Zaskya Mousseau

Liaison Coordinator

  • Community liaison
  • Member relations

RĂ©seau en immigration francophone de la Colombie-Britannique (RIFCB)
1551, West 7th Avenue
Vancouver, B-C, V6J 1S1

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