Francophone Services For Newcomers

Did you know that the French Community of British Columbia can provide a full range of services and resources to French-speaking newcomers?

Francophone organizations provide a wide range of services to settle in-country: settlement services, education in French, employment services, and much more.
The BC Francophone Immigration Network doesn’t provide those services while our members do.

More than 40 organizations, including 6 funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), are there to support you at each step of your new life in British Columbia. Those services are available across the province in person or by phone.

Helping and guiding newcomers to British Columbia

A francophone community by your side!

All the members of the BC Francophone Immigration Network have resources to help French newcomers to settle in British Columbia. French-speaking organizations assist before or after your arrival in our province regarding the status.

Those services are delivered to permanent residents*, refugees*, international students*, temporary residents*, WHV holders*, etc. (*according to the mandates of each program).

During all your integration process, French associations are at your disposal to give guidance to embrace economically and socially your new culture in all the British Columbia in Prince George or Prince Rupert, Vancouver Island, Greater Vancouver, or Fraser Valley.